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2017 > Issue 2 > Volume 14

Texture Analysis of smear of Leukemia Blood Cells after Exposing to Cold Plasma

Assist. Prof. Sabah N. Mazhir|Assist. Lecturer Farah W. Hadi|Assist. Prof. Alaa Noori Mazher|Assist. Prof. Luma H. Alobaidy


Plasma physics and digital image processing technique (DIPT) were utilized in this research to show the effect of the cold plasma (plasma needle) on blood cells. The second order statistical features were used to study this effect. Different samples were used to reach the aim of this paper; the patients have leukemia and their leukocytes number was abnormal. By studying the results of statistical features (mean, variance, energy and entropy), it is concluded that the blood cells of the sample showed a good response to the cold plasma..


Cold Plasma, Statistical Feature, Second order.

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