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2018 > Issue 1 > Volume 15

Optical, Structural and Electrical Properties of Electrochemical Synthesis of Thin Film of Polyaniline

Salah Abdulla Hasoon | Sally Adel Abdul-Hadi


Polyaniline membranes of aniline were produced using an electrochemical method in a cell consisting of two poles. The effect of the vaccination was observed on the color of membranes of polyaniline, where analysis as of blue to olive green paints. The sanction of PANI was done by FT-IR and Raman techniques. The crystallinity of the models was studied by X-ray diffraction technique. The different electronic transitions of the PANI were determined by UV-VIS spectroscopy. The electrical conductivity of the manufactured samples was measured by using the four-probe technique at room temperature. Morphological studies have been determined by Atomic force microscopy (AFM). The structural studies have been measured by (SEM)..


Polyaniline, electrochemical methods, FT-IR, XRD studies, conducting Polymers.

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