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2018 > Issue 1 > Volume 15

Effects of Gas Flow on Spectral Properties of Plasma Jet Induced by Microwave

Sabah N. Mazhir | Nada A. Abdullah | Aws F. Rauuf | Alyaa H. Ali|| Hazim I. al-Ahmed


In this paper, a construction microwave induced plasma jet(MIPJ) system was used to produce a non-thermal plasma jet at atmospheric pressure, at standard frequency of 2.45 GHz and microwave power of 800 W. The working gas Argon (Ar) was supplied to flow through the torch with adjustable flow rate using flow meter regulator. The influence of the MIPJ parameters such as applied voltage and argon gas flow rate on macroscopic microwave plasma parameters were studied. The macroscopic parameters results show increasing of microwave plasma jet length with increasing of applied voltage, argon gas flow rate where the plasma jet length exceed 12 cm as maximum value. While the increasing of argon gas flow rate will cause increasing into the argon gas temperature, where argon gas temperature the exceed 350 ℃ as maximum value and study the effect of gas flow rate on the optical properties.


Plasma parameters, Microwave plasma jet, Optical properties. .

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