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2018 > Issue 2 > Volume 15

Diversity Measurement Indices of Diatom Communities in the Tigris River within Wasit Province, Iraq

Shaimaa F. Ali | Reidh A. Abdul-Jabar | F. M. Hassan


The study was conducted to measure diatom species diversity in the lotic ecosystem across the Wasit Province for 12 months. The quantitative study of diatoms (phytoplankton) was investigated in the Tigris river. The density of algae was ranged from 60989 cell×103/l to 112780.82 cell×103/l in the five sites. These algae were belonging to 39 genera. The richness index values ranged from 1.53 at site 5 in January 2016 to 6.34 at site 1 and June2015. Shannon-Weiner diversity index (H´) was 2.33 in February 2016 and 3.72 in June 2015 both values at site 3, whereas Evenness index was 0.54 at site 5 in March2016 and 0.98 at site 1 in both August2015 and May2016. The lack of homogeneity of the appearance of species indicates the dominance of a few species with high densities, which is an indicator of the existence of environmental pressure. All studied indices showed that the Tigris River quality is suitable for the living aquatic life or may be slightly affected by the pollutants. .


Water quality, Diatoms, Tigris River, richness index, Shannon-Weiner index, Evenness index .

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