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2018 > Issue 3 > Volume 15

St-Polyform Modules and Related Concepts

Muna Abbas Ahmed


In this paper, we introduce a new concept named St-polyform modules, and show that the class of St-polyform modules is contained properly in the well-known classes; polyform, strongly essentially quasi-Dedekind and κ-nonsingular modules. Various properties of such modules are obtained. Another characterization of St-polyform module is given. An existence of St-polyform submodules in certain class of modules is considered. The relationships of St-polyform with some related concepts are investigated. Furthermore, we introduce other new classes which are; St-semisimple and κ-non St-singular modules, and we verify that the class of St-polyform modules lies between them. .


κ-nonsingular modules, Polyform modules, Semi-essential submodules, St-closed submodules, Strongly essentially quasi-Dedekind modules. .

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