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2015 > Issue 3 > Volume 12

Calculation of Radial Electron-Electron Distribution function and Expectation Values for Li-Atom in Excited States 1s 2p, 1s 3p and 1s 3d

Khalil H. AL-Bayati|Ali A. Kareem|Naeemah CH. Madhkoor


The electron correlation for inter-shells (1s 2p), (1s 3p) and (1s 3d) was described by the inter-particle radial distribution function f(r12). It was evaluated for Li-atom in the different excited states (1s2 2p), (1s2 3p) and (1s2 3d) using Hartree-Fock approximation (HF). The inter particle expectation values for these shells were also evaluated. The calculations were performed using Mathcad 14 program..


Radial electron-electron distribution function, Hartree Fock approximation; inter-shell, non-spherically symmetric system.

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