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2015 > Issue 1 > Volume 12

The role of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in accumulation of Pb and Ni in Panicum miliaceum L. from polluted soil

Zahraa R. Taha | Ali H. Al-Mousawi


The aim of this study was to isolate and identified Arbuscular Mycorrhiza from polluted soil. The soil was collected from place near Dora refinery , south of Baghdad city . The study was to present the ability of the isolation to extraction of Pb and Ni from polluted soil and to compared it with another isolation kindly supply from Agriculture research center . The study used Panicum miliaceum L. as a host plant .after75 days from Planting. The result showed that the isolate from polluted soil was more affected in accumulation of Pb and Ni in Panicum miliaceum. The accumulation showed increase in Pb by 98.0 ppm in vegetative part and 100.5ppm in root system .while the Ni was accumulation by 91.7ppm and 98.4ppm in vegetative and root system respectively. These results revealed that arbuscular mycorrhiza infected Panicum miliaceum could be used as phytoremediation from contaminated soil . .



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