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2004 > Issue 1 > Volume 1

Theoretical Study of The Heating Effect of Laser Radiations on SiUcaGlass Systems

Muayad Aziz Hasan|Hayfaa Alwan Abood |Ghassan Salim Abdella|Mona Mahdi Shail


A theoretical study has been proposed to investigate the effects of different laser radiations (Nd - glass, DF and C02) as a heating source on different glass samples (Optical glass, Bk - 7 and Soda - lime glass) and different waves lengths (10.6, 3.8, 1.6) ???. The heat changes as which are resulted due irradiation with laser sources have been determined by using the one dimension mathematical relation as a function of time (t) and depth (z). The results of the study show ed that the irradiation with C02 laser had a greater effect than DF laser, while the effects of Nd - glass laser were minimal with a power density of (1.8*10?? w/m2) within atime(l^sec).(Forboth Kinds) The change in the temperatures were not exceeded than (70"K) in all samples.



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