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Volume 14 - Issue 4

(25 Articles)

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Consultation Board

Name Institution
Dr.Nabil Hashem Al-arajy Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Prof. Dr. Mazin Manuel Elias Institute of Laser / University of Baghdad
Prof. Dr. Tarek Ali AL- Ani College of Science for Women / University of Baghdad
Prof. Dr. Ali Hashem Al-Mousawi College of Science for Women/ University of Baghdad
Prof. Dr. Adil Mahmmod Ahmed College of Education Ibn Al-Haitham/University of Baghdad
Ass. Prof. Dr. Thanaa Jaafar AL-Hasani College of Science / University of Baghdad
Associate Prof. Dr. Abdal Rahman Mohammad Said Al;- Tawaha University of AL-Hussein Bin Talal , Jordan
Associate Prof. Dr. Atheer Matroud University of Otago, New Zealand
Associate Prof. Dr. Azura Amid College Faculty of Engineering /International Islamic University, Malaysia
Associate Prof. Dr. R.K. Agarwal Lajpat Rai Postgraduate College/ Ch. Charan Singh University, India
Associate Prof. Dr. Francesco Pappalaridi University of Roma Tre, Italia
Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Habib College of Science for women, University of Baghdad, Iraq