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The role of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza in accumulation of Pb and Ni in Panicum miliaceum L. from polluted soil

Zahraa R. Taha | Ali H. Al-Mousawi

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Comparative morphological and histological study of the pecten oculi in two species of Iraqi birds (Falco tinnunculus L. and Streptopelia decaocto F.)

Mohammed A. Gali|Shaimaa A. Abid

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Study the effect of Aqueous cold water and Alcoholic extracts of Ziziphus spina christi against bacteria isolated from Conjunctivitis In vitro and In vivo

Hala I. Abd Al-Wahab| Talib A. Hussien

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Histopathological Changes caused by The Chronic Effect of Nitrofurantoin Drug in The Testes of Albino Mice

Nada F. Abaas| Mukhtar Kh. Haba

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The Effect of Ethanolic Extract for Cyperus rotundus Rhizomes on Liver in Male Albino Mice

Abeer M. Hussain| Basma A. Jasim | Sana M. Habib | Noor N. Jasim

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Concentration of lead and the proportion of sedimentary organic matter , clay minerals , non-clay minerals and soil gradation , City of Nasiriyah , Southern Iraq

Ryadh Y. Al-Obaidi | Nidhala H. Al-Ani | Zainab G. Kadhem**

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Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy-Graphite Composites

Khalid R. Al-rawi| Noor Husian Majeed

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Performance evolution of a hybrid thermal solar air conditioning system and compare it with a traditional system according to Iraq weather

Salah Subhe Abd| Ali Raheemb Sarhan | Amer Abdullah Salman | Hassan Issa Mohammad

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Determination of Serum CA125 and evaluate its efficiency as screening tool For Early Detection of Ovarian Tumors

Khalid A. Habib|Maisaa G. Jumaa| Munther J. Hussein

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Detection of Cronobacter sakazakii (Enterobacter sakazakii) in powdered food infants (PIF) and raw milk in Iraq

Muna T. Al.Mossawi|Yasmin S. H. Al.joubori

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Terrestrial Invertebrates as a Bioindicators of Heavy Metals Pollution

Israa M. Jasim

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Variation of Faba Beans (Vicia faba L.) Traits Induced By Heat, Electric Shock and Mutagen Nitrous Acid

Laith M. J. AL-Shamma

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Assessment of Serum Prolactin Level in Patients Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rana S. Aboud

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Preparation and Spectral Characterization of New Azo Imidazole Ligand 2-[(2`-Cyano Phenyl) Azo]-4,5-Diphenyl Imidazole and its Complexes with Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg (II) Ions

Waleed A. Mahmoud |Abid Allah M. Ali | Tamara A. Kareem

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Evaluation of Electrolytes Disturbances in Iraqi Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients treated with Nilotinib with Monitoring of Response by FISH Study

Bushra F. Hasan | Bassam F. Matti | Rusul Y. Hameed

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