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Histological and Histochemical studies of Esophagus in Mabuya aurata septemaeniata

Anam S. Khalaf | Gazwa D. AL-nakeeb

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(12) | Pages(437-444)

The Role of Filamentous Bacteria Streptomyces sp. in Reduction of Some Nutrients Concentrations in AL- Restomia Waste water Treatment Plant, Baghdad -Iraq

Athraa A. Ail | Ahmed A. Al-Hussieny |Amena S. Taha | Suadad A.kadhim

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(7) | Pages(445-452)

The age-specific fecundity life tables of Planococcus citri Risso and important predators attack in Baghdad

Jawad K. AL-Rubeae| Sahar M. AL-Kafagei

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(13) | Pages(453-458)

Preparation of Some Culture Media Locally from leaves and stems of Purslane plant (Portulaca oleracea oleracea L.) and Assessment of Their Efficiency Comparing with Culture Media of Oxoid Company

Bushra A. Kadhim | Yassamin H. Ali

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(459-467)

Study the infection with intestinal protozoa Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia among Patients who attending Bint Al- Huda for maternity and children hospital and Al hussin hospital in Nassriyia city in Thi-Qar province

Basad A. Al-Aboody| Sahara kareem| NuhaJ.Al-Rekabi

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(468-473)

A theoretical Design of a cover for lowering the solar cells temperature and enhance their performance

Husam S. Al-Arab

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(474-478)

The Inhibitory Effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum against Candida albicans Associated with Denture Stomatitis

Khalid A. Habib | Sara M. Farhan

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(479-484)

The Bactericidal Effect of CO2 Laser on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Wound and Burn Infections, In-Vitro

Eman N. Naji| Aqeela A. Ali| Baydaa F. Hamzah

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(485-495)

The effect of Tramadol on some blood and biochemical parameters of male rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Mohammed A. Aldiwan |del M. Hassan Alzobidy| Mohammed A. Younis

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(7) | Pages(496-502)

Preparation and Characterization of Some Metal Complexes with Heterocyclic Azo Ligand (4-SuBAI)

Abdullah M. A. Habiban| Waleed A. Mahmoud|Tamara A. Kareem

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(503-515)

The Preparation of some New Mannich and Shiff bases derived from 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole

Mohammed R. Ahamed|Shetha F. Narren| Amaal S. Sadiq

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(47) | Pages(516-526)

Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Solution State, Spectral Studies and Theoretical Treatment of Pd(II) , Pt(IV) and Au(III) ions Complexes Containing 2-Benzamide Benzothiazole

Mahasin F. Alias | Farah S. Jaafer

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(527-535)

The effect of obesity and Insulin Resistance on Liver Enzymes in Type2 Diabetes Mellitus

Eshraq M. Salman| Bushra F. Hasan

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(536-545)

Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Cefalexin Dervatives

Entesar O. AL-Tamimi| Raad M. Muslih| Khalida A.Thejeel

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(546-554)

A study of the effect of new cobalt (II) complex and cyclophosphamide drug on (GPT, ALP) activity by using in vivo system

Jinan H. Murtadha

Puplished:06/09/2015 | Total Downloads(7) | Pages(555-562)

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