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Rapid Detection of Aspergillus flavus isolates producing aflatoxin using UV light on different culture media

Khalid A. Habeb|Shaymaa I. Kadhim

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(9) | Pages(1-6)

The Effect of Vitamin A on Testis Weight and Sexual Glands on Albino Male Mice Treated with Hexavalent Chromium

Abeer M. Hussain|Sabah A. AL-Obidiy|Waleed H. Yousef

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(7-14)

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the crude juice of Olive (Olea europaea) in reducing the percentages of chromosomal aberration and micronuclei in albino mice

|Batool A. Shihab|Maha B.Abdul-Rahman|Saad M. Al-Nida

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(15-21)

Inhibition activity of Saccharomyces boulardii and Lactobacillus acidophilus against pathogenic E.coli isolates from Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in women In Vitro

Nada S. Rezuqi|Farah Q. Younis

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(22-32)

Evaluation to the level of some inflammatory markers in hypothyroid insulin resistant patients

Shaima Razaq|Khalid I.Al-Lehibi

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(33-43)

An Ecological and Identification Study for Algae in Groundwater of Selected Area in Tikrit city and It’s Surrounding Area

Shaimaa Fatih Ali|Riadh Abas Abdul Jabar

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(44-55)

Effect of aqueous extract from Marjoram against Salmonella and cholera bacteria

Suadad A. Al-Samaraie |Hesham M. Abdul-Karim|Eman H. Abaas |Kefah A. Jasem|Shaymaa S. Abud|Suhad D. Saleem

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(56-60)

Effect of Supplementation Different Level OF Zinc in Boiler Diet, Blood

Muhannad M. Jwad|Raad H. Razooki|Marwan I. Haider|Rahfat R. Mohammed|Khalel I. Erhim

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(61-69)

Kinetic and thermodynamic Studies Of Alanine Aminopeptidase(AAP) Isoenzymes I,II Partially Purified From Patient's Urine With Urinary Tract Cancer

Taghreed U.Al-Akabie

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(70-80)

Production of Silicon Metal From Iraqi Sand

Jehad. Abed Taies|Jasim H. Hassen

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(7) | Pages(81-84)

We study the effect of Ultra violet rays (A-B) in treatment of Vitiligo (applied Therapy)

Zaenib H. Bakee

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(85-92)

Study ABO/Rh system with Endothelial Inflammatory Factors in Iraqi Arab Female with Diabetes Mellitus Type II

Asmaa M. Salih|Isam N. Salman|Rajaa M. Kaduhm

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(93-102)

Phenolic Content and Antioxidant, Antibacterial Activities of Ethanolic Extract From Lemon Balm and Oregano Plants

Rami Ali Taqi

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(103-110)

Comparison of Properties of Various Heat Storage Fluids used with Evacuated Tube of Solar Water Heater

Salah S. Abd|Aed I. Owid|Emad J. Mahdi|Amer A. Salamn

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(111-115)

Corrosion Protection Study of Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel Alloys Coated by Nanoparticles

Rasha A. Jassim|Ahlam M. Farhan|Abdulkareem M. Ali

Puplished:02/03/2014 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(116-122)

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