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Survival estimation for singly type one censored sample based on generalized Rayleigh distribution

Iden H. Alkanani|Hind J. Kadhum

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(11) | Pages(193-201)

Using Bernoulli Equation to Solve Burger's Equation

Saad N. AL-Azawi|Muna Saleh

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(202-206)

Solution of Second Kind Volterra Integral Equations Using Non-Polynomial Spline Functions

Muna M. Mustafa|Sarah H. Harbi

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(12) | Pages(207-210)

On Higher N-Derivation Of Prime Rings

Anwar K. Faraj|Abdulrahman H. Majeed

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(4) | Pages(211-219)

Solution of Nonlinear High Order Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems By Semi-Analytic Technique

Luma. N. M. Tawfiq|Mariam. M. Hilal

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(220-228)

Solving Optimal Control Linear Systems by Using New Third kind Chebyshev Wavelets Operational Matrix of Derivative

Suha N. Shihab |Asmaa A. Abdalrehman

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(229-234)

On Min - Cs Modules and Some Related Concepts

Inaam Mohammed Ali Hadi|Rana Noori Majeed

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(235-241)

The construction of Complete (kn,n)-arcs in The Projective Plane PG(2,5) by Geometric Method, with the Related Blocking Sets and Projective Codes

Amal SH.Al-Mukhtar|Umniyat A. Hassan

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(9) | Pages(242-248)

Modified Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Lagrange method

Eman Tariq Al-Haj saeed |Huda Issam Ahmed|Aseel Muayad Qasim

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(29) | Pages(249-255)

Computer aided photographic memory enhancement and speed reading (case study)

Ahmed A. Hashim |Safa Sami Abdulgabar

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(256-264)

Building a Reliable Steganography System Using Random Key in a spatial Domain of Image

Amer J. Sadiq|Zainab S. Qasim

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(4) | Pages(265-274)

Image Steganography by Using Multiwavelet Transform

Iman M.G. Alwan

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(275-283)

A Proposed Agent System for Network Monitoring

Rana H. Majeed

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(284-291)

Parallel Computing for Sorting Algorithms

Zainab T. Baqer

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(292-302)

Spectrophotometric Analytical method for Determination the Drug Compound Salbutamol by using Prussian blue Complex

Duraid E. Znad|Jinan H. Mohamad|Abdulla S. Mutlag|Eman W. Ammen

Puplished:01/06/2014 | Total Downloads(15) | Pages(303-310)

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