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An Environmental Study on Phytoplankton (Diatoms) in Al-Yusifiya River, Iraq

Adel H. Talib|Fikrat M. Hassan|Wessal A. Sadoon

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(4) | Pages(1301-1309)

A comparative taxonomic study of nutlets of Stachys L. in Iraq

Zainab A.A.Al-Zubaedy|Ali H.E.Al-Musawi|Ali H.Al-Musawi

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(1310-1318)

An environmental study for Bani-Hissin stream in Holy Karbala governorate

Hadeel M. T. Abdul- Ameer|Fikrat M. Hassan|Ibrahim M.A. Alsalman

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(1319-1327)

Terrestrial Isopoda Species In Al-jadiriyah District / Baghdad / Iraq

Israa M. Jasim|Haifa J. Jaweir

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Study of Naidid worms community associated with two species of aquatic plants in River Tigris inside Baghdad City / Iraq

Haifa J. Jaweir|Manar D. Salman|

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1334-1341)

An Environmental Study of Epiphytic Algae on Ceratophyllum demersum in Tigris River within Baghdad City, Iraq

Jinnan S. Al Hassany|Fikrat M. Hassan|Rawaa N. Gitan

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1342-1353)

Organic Content in the Sediments of Tigris and Diyala Rivers, south of Baghdad, and its Relationship with some Environmental factors, Benthic Invertebrates Groups and Values of Diversity Indices

Dahlia M .Ali Hasan Al-Kinany|Emaduldeen A. Almukhtar

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(1354-1360)

Comparison the effectiveness of using a magnetic field to control theColi phages isolated from rivulet water with water-treatment using magnetic field added iron filings

Nada S. Rzoki|Zina H.Shehab|Aliaa J. Kasem

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(1361-1366)

Study the role of auxins and sytoknins on in vitro propagation of Spilanthes acmella (L.) Murr

Bushra M.Jaber alwash|Ansaam Z. jassim

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(1367-1372)

Composition of fish assemblage in the East Hammar marsh, southern Iraq

Abdul Razzaq M. Mohamed|Sadeq. A. Hussein|Falah. M. Mutlak

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1373-1381)

Haemagglutination (HA) test of Helicobacter pylori

Saba A.S.H. Al-Sultan|Subhi H.K.Al-Jubouri

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(1) | Pages(1382-1386)

An Ecological Observation on Inland water Ecosystem in Erbil –Iraq Kurdistan with particular reference to blue green algae Glaucospira

Farhad Hassan Aziz|Fikrat M Hassan|Balkes Haje Rasul

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(3) | Pages(1387-1396)

Checklist of Aquatic Oligochaetes Species in Tigris–Euphrates River basin

Haifa J. Jaweir

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1397-1404)

New records of Turbellarian Platyhelminthes from Al-Dalmage lake / Iraq

Haifa J. Jaweir|Maysoon H.AL-Seria

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1405-1410)

Detection of RAF fusion transcripts in FFPE samples of Medullablastoma and Ependymom in Iraqi children with RT-RQPCR assays

Luma H. A. Al Obaidy|Nada A. Al Anssary|Nahi Y. Al Rekabi|Haider L.Mohammed|Khalid A. Tobal

Puplished:07/09/2014 | Total Downloads(2) | Pages(1411-1419)

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