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Bioremediation of Lead and Cadmium Contaminated soil by Sesbania rostrata plant and AM fungi Glomus mosseae

Eltifat Fadhil Shahatha | Ali Hashim Al-Mousawi | Kadhim M. Ibrahim

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(26) | Pages(212-217)

Prevalence of Tonsillitis caused by Streptococcus spp. Among children and the effect of some Lactic acid bacterial (LAB) strain on it

Nada Sabah Razouqi | Rand Thair Abdulateef

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(25) | Pages(218-227)

Effect of the Aquatic Plant Hydrella vorticellata as a Fertilizer on Seed Germination and some Chemical and Cytogenetics Parameters in the cell of Hordeum vulgare and Vicia faba

Abeer M. Y. al-hallaq | Buthayna A. H. Al-Makdami | Nidhal E. Suliaman | Abbas M. Ismael

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(37) | Pages(228-233)

Population Density and Susceptibility of Some Varieties of Potato to Infested by Aphid and Thrips on Spring Plantation in the Middle of Iraq

Redha S. AL – Jorany | Ameena H. Yousif | Feryal H Sadik

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(20) | Pages(234-239)

Effect of pesticide Glyphosate Aqua in liver enzymes activity of Barbus sharpeyi

Maher Atta Abdul Azeez |Abdulmotalib J.Al-Rudainy

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(20) | Pages(240-246)

Effect of Lactobacillus salivarius supernatant against growth and biofilm formation of some pathogenic microorganisms

Khawlah J. Khalaf | Nibras N .Mahmood | Hamzia A. Ajah | Jehan A. S. Salman

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(15) | Pages(247-252)

Effect of some induce chemical and biological agents against (Tilletia tritici (Bjerk) and T.laevis (Kühn) causal agents of wheat Common bunt disease

Sattar A. Shams-Allah | Emad M. Al-Maaroof | Mohamed S. Hassan

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(11) | Pages(253-260)

Effect of different concentration of Gibberellic and Proline acid in the growth and production of pea plant Pisum sativum L.

Abbas J. H. AL –Saedi | Amel Gh. M. AL –Kazzaz | Samira M. Yassen | Suhad S. Yahya

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(72) | Pages(261-267)

Extraction and estimation of curcumin compounds from turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizomes by using different variables (solvent, time and temperature).

Sahar S. Mutasher | Abdul kadir Hadi alwan | Zainb M. T. jaafar

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(31) | Pages(268-272)

Investigations about the characteristic behavior of the linear mode of quantum acoustic waves ion

Rafal H. Jassim | Mustafa K. Jassim

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(14) | Pages(273-277)

Developing an Immune Negative Selection Algorithm for Intrusion Detection in NSL-KDD data Set

Mafaz Mohsin Khalil Alanezi |Alaa’ Hazim Jar Allah

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(36) | Pages(278-290)

Identification of Candida species Isolated From Vulvovaginal Candidiasis Patients by Chromgen agar and PCR-RFLP Method

Khalid A. Habib | Eman N. Najee | Meethaq S. Abood

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(13) | Pages(291-297)

Study of total Immunoglobulin E and Eosinophil count in allergic disease

Suaad A. Brakhas | Abrar J. Hassan | Amna N. Jassim

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(22) | Pages(298-304)

Effect of varicocelectomy on sperm parameters, oxidative stress and Chromatin maturity in seminal fluid of infertile patients with varicocele

Ali Jehad N. Al-Huwaizi | Faris Naji A. Al-Hady | Sahib Y. Al- Murshedi

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(23) | Pages(305-311)

Level and Statistical Distribution of Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroid Hormones in Iraqi patients with Type1 Diabetes Mellitus at Al-Karkh Side

Sara S. Jabar | Sanad B. Mohammed | Abass R. Mahdi

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(11) | Pages(312-319)

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