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Synergistic Interaction in the adsorbed mixed surfactants film of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine on Liquid – Air Interfacial

Bahar S. Mourshid | Sameer H. Kareem

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(29) | Pages(1-9)

Preparation of Unsaturated Polyester Nanocomposites and Studying Their Mechanical Properties Using some Inorganic Additives

Jalil Raheef Ugal | Raghad Mohammed Hasson

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(23) | Pages(10-18)

Synthesis and characterization Studies of Metal Complexes with Schiff base derived from 4-[5-(2-hydoxy-phenyl)-[1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ylimino methyl]-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-pyrazol-3-one

Naser Shaalan | Zaynab Hussein Fadel | Wasn Abdulrazzar Mahmood | Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(31) | Pages(19-28)

Preparation of Industrial Greases from Aircraft Waste Oils

Nibal H. Rasheed | Noor K. Rasheed | Engam A. Abd –Alsada

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(21) | Pages(29-33)

The formation, structure, and electronic properties of Lansoprazol drug and cucurbit [7]urils complex (Theoretical Study)

Hamdia H.Jawad Al-Shammary | Waleed Madhloom Khalaf

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(13) | Pages(34-39)

Corrosion, Passivity and Pitting of Inconel (600) in Sulphuric Acid

Taghried A. Salman | Samar T. Hameed

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(40-47)

Kinetic Model for Solute Diffusion in Liquid Membrane Systems

Juan Abdul-Wahid O. Al-Naisani |Eman T. Kareem| Yousif I. AbuZaid | Taki A. Himdan

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(11) | Pages(48-57)

Local wheat peel as a solid surface to remove Azure B dye from aqueous solution:Equilibrium isotherms and thermodynamic study

Saja S. Al-Taweel | Nawal K. Jabbar |Rana S. Al-Taweel | Ahmed J. Auda

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(15) | Pages(58-65)

Adsorption and Thermodynamic Study of Direct Blue 71 Dye on to natural Flint Clay from Aqueous Solution

Azal S. Waheeb

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(14) | Pages(66-74)

Preparation and Characterization of Bimetallic Catalyst (NiO – CoO) for Desulfurization of Gas Oil

Jalil R. Ugal | Asmaa H. Hussein

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(9) | Pages(75-83)

Complexes of Some Transition Metal with 2-Benzoyl thiobenzimidazole and 1,10-Phenanthroline and Studying their Antibacterial Activity

Mahasin F. Alias | Doaa H. Mahal | Amaal S. Sadiq

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(16) | Pages(84-94)

Preparation and Spectroscopic Studies of Some Metal Ion Complexes of 2-((4-Formyl-3-Hydroxynaphthalen-2-yl) Diazenyl) Benzoic Acid

Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani | Naser Shaalan | Sahar Sabeeh Hassan | Zainab Abd Al-Hadi Hasan

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(31) | Pages(95-104)

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization for Some Metal ion Complexes with 2-Hydroxy-3-((5-Mercapto-1,3,4-Thiadiazol-2-yl)Diazenyl)-1-Naphthaldehyde

Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani|Susan Duraid Ahmed|Shaima Hameed Shake|Zainab Abd Al-Hadi Hasan

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(27) | Pages(105-114)

Preparation and Physico-Chemical Investigation Studies for the of Mn(II),Co(II),Ni(II) and Cu(II) Metal Complexes with Ligand 2- Hydroxybenzaldine Urea

Israa H. Ibraheem

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(25) | Pages(115-120)

Synthesis and Characterization of Cu(I)-Folic Acid Complex A Theoretical and Experimental Study

Salah Aldin Jassim Humadi | Faliah Hassan Ali Al-Jeboori | Kafa Khalaf Hammud | Thaera A. Mussa

Puplished:05/06/2016 | Total Downloads(22) | Pages(121-127)

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