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The Efficiency of Terpenes Extracts of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Seed to control Larval Stage of Callosobruchus maculates (Coleoptera:Bruchidae)

Emad Ahmad Mahmood | NawrasAbdalmuhsenMzahem | Bashair Nasser Hasson

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(39) | Pages(625-630)

Extraction of Iraqi Jasminumsambac (L.)Oil and Study It?s Effect as Antioxidant Agents

Zainab O. Salman | Bushra M. J. Alwash

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(42) | Pages(631-638)

Effect of the Clenbuterol drug in some physiological parameters in male rabbits(Oryctolagus cuniculs)

Hind Diyah Hadi | Alia Hussein Ali

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(19) | Pages(639-648)

A comparative anatomic study of leaves of the genus Stachys L. in Iraq

Zainab A.A.AL-Zubaedy |Ali H.E.AL-Musawi |Ali H.A.Al-Mousawi

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(21) | Pages(649-662)

The effect of nitrogen and sodium chloride stress in the productivity of some fatty acids in Chlorococcum humicola green alga

Ibrahim M.A Alsalman | Thaier I.M Alukaily

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(663-673)

A study of anti fungal activity of a combination of essential oils from medical herbs against water molds

Rana Hadi Hameed al-Shammari

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(674-680)

Physiological study to investigate the activity of an aqueous extract ofCinnamomum cassiabark on the blood glucose levels in healthy and diabetic rats induced by streptozotocin (stz)

Qussay Noori Raddam AL-Muhammadi

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(15) | Pages(681-693)

Study the Oxidative Stress, Some Biochemical and Hematological Parameters in patients with agout at AL-Ramadi city

Yasser QassimHosein |Khalid F. AL- Rawi |SahebJuma AL-Bayate

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(11) | Pages(694-701)

Measurement of Uranium Concentrations in soil of some regions in south east of Baghdad using nuclear track detector (CR-39)

Nidhala H.K. AL-Ani | Hala M.H

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(33) | Pages(702-706)

Estimating Parametersof Gumbel Distribution For Maximum Values By using Simulation

Hakeem Hussein Hamad Saleh

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(707-713)

Serological study of toxoplasmosis spread among unmarried female university students using LAT, ELISA and IgG avidity

Muna Turky AL- Mossawei|Hind Majeed AL- Mossawei| Khitam Yahya AL-Dujaily

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(20) | Pages(714-720)

A Study of Epiphytic and Epipelic Algae in Al-Dora Site/Tigris River in Bagdad Province- Iraq

Jinan S. AL-Hassany |Marwa T. Hindi

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(20) | Pages(721-733)

Effect of Soil Textural Classes on the Biological Nitrogen Fixation by Bradyrhizobium Measured by 15N Dilution Analysis

Suad A. Al-Saedi| Ibrahim B. Razaq|Norrya A. Ali

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(734-744)

Haematological and Genotoxic effects of cadmium chloride on Mesopotamichthys sharpeyi

Noor M. Salman |AbdAlmotalib J. Al-Rudainy

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(745-752)

Biochemical Study on Anti Thyroid Peroxidase in Type 2 Diabetic patients with thyroid disorders

Sanad B. Al–A ?araji|Taufeek F. Rasen| Reiam A. Kadhum

Puplished:04/12/2016 | Total Downloads(91) | Pages(753-761)

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