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Effect of vydate gill histology in female mosquito fish Gambusia affinis (Baird and Girard)

Zainab M. Saber | Mukhtar K. Haba

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(166) | Pages(1-10)

Effect of hot aqueous extract of seeds and leaves of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) on embryonic development in swiss albino mice

Tara A.T. Aziz | Mohammad A. Gali

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(102) | Pages(11-21)

Detection of wheat damping off and root rot disease pathogenic fungi and it bio control by pseudomonas fluorescens

Adel T. Ameen | Ismael A. jdyea

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(52) | Pages(22-31)

Food Applications of Monosodium Glutamate Salt Produced from Bacillus subtilis EN3A1-P19U7

Eman J. Al-Attar | Nidhal M. Salih | Shaymaa H. Al-Rajhi

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(54) | Pages(32-38)

Synthesis of Some Mixed ligands Complexes of (2-hydroxy benzaldine)-4-amino Antipyrine and 1,10-phenanthroline and Studying their antibacterial activity

Mahasin F. Alias | Israa H. Ibraheem | Maysoon M. A bdul Hassan

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(58) | Pages(39-47)

Study the Effects of Olive Leaves Extracts in the activity of the enzyme GOT and their Biological Activities

Emad Mahmoud Eltayef

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(76) | Pages(48-59)

Studying the effective of conductor polymer substrate on the electrical properties of semiconductors

Afrah Abdul Hussain Jabor

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(38) | Pages(60-67)

Histomorphological study of uropygial gland of pekin duck (Anas platyrhnchos domesticus)

Yaseen Kalaf.Mohammed | Shakir Mahmood Mirhish |Samira Abdul hussain Abdu allah

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(39) | Pages(68-74)

Preparation and study of the structural and optical properties of Bi2S3 thin films by Spray pyrolysis method

Suad Khalil Ghafouri | Ghufran Zuham Jabor

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(68) | Pages(75-79)

Study a concentration of Uranium for samples of soil from Falluja City using PM-355

Ahmed Salman Obaid

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(59) | Pages(80-84)

Screening of Epiphytic Algae on the Aquatic Plant Phragmites australis inhabiting Tigris River in Al-Jadria Site, Baghdad, Iraq

Jinan S. Al Hassany | Hind E. Al Bayaty

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(63) | Pages(85-98)

Isolation Cellulolytic Fungi from Plants and Animals Wastesin Iraq

Ayad Jaber Kubba | Adel saadi salman AL-Saadi

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(57) | Pages(99-106)

The Effect of Organic Matter Application on Phosphorus Status in the Calcareous Soil

Ayad Ghazi Rasheed | Ibrahim Bakri A. Razaq |Shafiek C. S. Al-Kaysi

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(58) | Pages(107-116)

Detecting the antibacterial activity of green synthesized silver (Ag) nanoparticles functionalized with ampicillin (Amp)

Israa Ali Zaidan Al-Ogaidi

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(207) | Pages(117-125)

The Relation between Bacterial and Heavy Metal Water Pollution and Blood Micronuclei as Biomarkers in the Tigris River Fish

Israa A.J. Ibrahim | Asmaa S. I. AL – Khayat

Puplished:05/03/2017 | Total Downloads(68) | Pages(126-134)

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