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A comparative study to determine the native eye lens protein in the some types of Iraqi vertebrates

Mohammed A. Gali|Shaimaa A. Abid|Raghad A. Hamad||Zainab A. Ali

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(69) | Pages(231-237)

Meiobenthic Invertebrates Community Associated with Aquatic plant Ceratophyllum demersum Salamiyat irrigation canal / north Baghdad

Prof. Dr. Haifa J. Jaweir | Rana Sabah Hassan

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(26) | Pages(238-246)

Inflammatory role of some cytokines, immunoglobulins and complement proteins in immunopathogenesis of renal failure in a sample of Diyala province patients

Assist Prof. Mohammed Abdul-Daim Saleh | Assist. lecturer Alaa Mohammed Hameed Albayati

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(69) | Pages(247-253)

Estimating of Fatty Acids, Tcopherols, Tocotrienols, Total Carotens, Study The Physiochemical Properties And Unsaponifiable Matters Extraction From Crude Red Palm Oil(1)

Prof.Dr. B. S. R. Zangana | K. O. Jasim Al-Bahadly

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(39) | Pages(254-261)

The efficiency of some plant extracts for growth inhibition of Candida albicans and Trichophytonmentagrophytes

Assist. Lecturer Hada Abas Mohammed| Assist. Prof. D. Mahmmed Ebraheem Al-Defiery |Assist. H. of Biologists Najwan Kadhim Imran

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(41) | Pages(262-269)

The Effect of Variety and Gibberellic acid and Brassinolide and their Interaction on Some of The Chemical Characteristics and Total chlorophyll of the plant Dill Anethum graveolens L.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahir Z. Faysal Al-shimary | Assist. Lecturer Wael SH. Hameed Al-jboury

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(27) | Pages(270-278)

Detection of zpx gene of Cronobacter sakazakii isolated from Clinical samples for Iraqi children under Two Years

Assist. Lecturer Tharieyt Abdulrahman Motlag | Assist Prof. Dr. Luma abdal Hady Zwein

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(24) | Pages(279-288)

A study of some physical, chemical and biological properties of Slabiaat River waters in Al-Muthanna province, Iraq

Lecturer Ali Abdulhamza Al-Fanharawi

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(38) | Pages(289-298)

The Role of Sox17 Gene Expression in Early Definition of Anterior Pole of the Rabbit Embryo at Early Pre-Gastrulation Stages

Lecturer Dr. Romia Hassoun

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(23) | Pages(299-310)

Effect of Ferocene Concentration on the Percent Conversion and Molecular Weight of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Homopolymers

Assist. Lecturer Ulla KamelAl-Khalidi | Prof. Hadi Salman Al-Lami

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(22) | Pages(311-319)

Spectrophotometric determination of Metronidazole and Metronidazole benzoate via first and Second Derivative order spectroscopy

Assist. Lecturer Hussein Abdul jabbar Alsamarrai | Assist. Prof. Khalaf F. Alsamarrai

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(44) | Pages(320-327)

Improvement of the technique for the solution method of Gauss Seidel

Assist. Lecturer Qasim Abbas Dawood

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(22) | Pages(328-334)

Assessment of Water Quality and Trophic Status of Duhok Lake Dam

Assist. Prof. Yahya Ahmed Shekha| Assist. Prof. Luay Abdul-Qader Ali | Assist. Prof. Janan Jabbar Toma

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(36) | Pages(335-342)

Hematological Study of Infants Amoebiasis in Duhok City

Assist. Prof. Dr. Saad Mohi Haider | Lecturer Saad Mohammed Shaheen Alsoufi

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(46) | Pages(343-348)

Evaluation of Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) by two species of terrestrial plants in some stations within Babylon Province, Iraq

Prof. Dr. Maysson Mahdi Salih| Assist Prof. Dr. Batool M. Hassan Al-Adily

Puplished:04/06/2017 | Total Downloads(48) | Pages(349-355)

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