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Effect of Ochratoxin-A on Mouse Embryos

Zainab Karim Al-Timimi | Mohammad Abdul-Hadi Gali

Received:17/09/2017 | Accepted:24/12/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Test the Efficiency of some Plants in the Tolerant of Air Pollution within the City of Baghdad. Iraq

Israa M. Jasim | A. A. Al-kubaisi | A. M. J. Al- Obaidy

Received:15/10/2017 | Accepted:11/12/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Effect of Cyanobacteria Isolates on Rice Seeds Germination in Saline Soil

Mostafa M. El Sheek | Mohamed A. Zayed | Faiza K. A. Elmossel|

Received:03/12/2017 | Accepted:30/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae in Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients

Dunya Fareed Salloom

Received:13/11/2017 | Accepted:05/02/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Biosorption of Safranin-O from Aqueous Solution by Nile Rose Plant (Eichhornia crassipes)

Awaz B. Mohammed | Alaa R. Omran | Maysam A. Baiee | Jasim M. Salman

Received:22/10/2017 | Accepted:09/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris Harvesting Via Co-Pelletization with Filamentous Fungus

Ghaidaa Alrubaie | Rana H. H. Al-Shammari

Received:08/10/2017 | Accepted:29/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Genotyping of fusA Gene from Clinical Isolates Acinetobacter baumannii in Baghdad

Alaa Salim Hamzah

Received:12/10/2017 | Accepted:08/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Biodegradation of Anthracene Compound by Two Species of Filamentous Fungi

Duha Bahaa Mohammed | Adnan H. Abbas|Ahmed M. Abed Ali | Eman H. Abed|

Received:26/09/2017 | Accepted:07/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activates Studies of some New Derivatives From 2-aminoo-5-mercapto-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole

Shetha F. Al-Zubiady| Zainab H. Kadhim Al-Khafaji|Iman M.Mohamed| Sahar T.Adday

Received:14/11/2017 | Accepted:07/02/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Enhanced Photocurrent of Titania Nanotube Photoelectrode Decorated with CdS Nanoparticles

Asmaa Kadim Ayal

Received:19/11/2017 | Accepted:28/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Synthesis and Characterization of a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Diclofenac Sodium Using (2-vinylpyridine and 2-hydroxyethyl metha acrylate) as the Complexing Monomer

Yehya Kamal Al-Bayati | Ahmed Jalil Al-Safi

Received:18/09/2017 | Accepted:17/12/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Optical, Structural and Electrical Properties of Electrochemical Synthesis of Thin Film of Polyaniline

Salah Abdulla Hasoon | Sally Adel Abdul-Hadi

Received:28/11/2017 | Accepted:07/02/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Effects of Gas Flow on Spectral Properties of Plasma Jet Induced by Microwave

Sabah N. Mazhir | Nada A. Abdullah | Aws F. Rauuf | Alyaa H. Ali|| Hazim I. al-Ahmed

Received:11/12/2017 | Accepted:11/02/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Using Texture Analysis Image Processing Technique to Study the Effect of Microwave Plasma on the Living Tissue

Alyaa H.Ali | Hazim al-Ahmed | Sabah N.Mazhir| Aiyah S.Noori

Received:28/11/2017 | Accepted:08/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
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Solving Fuzzy Games Problems by Using Ranking Functions

Iden Hasan Hussein | Zainab saad Abood

Received:24/04/2017 | Accepted:18/09/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
Total Downloads(163) | Pages(98-101)

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