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Effect of the Silver Nanoparticles on the Histology of Albino Mice Ovaries

Gazwa D .Al –Nakeeb |Noor Mahdi Fatheel

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(22) | Pages(662-668)

Morphological Study of Pollen Grains and Seeds in Eight Species from the Family Cruciferae in Iraq

Rasha K.H.AL-Masoud |Khalil I.A. Al- Shammary

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(14) | Pages(669-676)

The Efficiency of Using Ozone Gas and Heat to Control Larvae and Adult Stage of Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

F. A. Sabeat

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(9) | Pages(677-681)

Biological Control of Acaudalerodes Rachipora (Singh) (Hemiptera: Alerodidae) by the Entomopathogenic Fungi on in Field

Fayhaa Abbood Mahdi Al-Nadawi

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(10) | Pages(682-687)

Measurement of Indoor Radon Gas Concentration in same Region of Baghdad Governorate Using CR-39 Nuclear Track Detector

Ruwiadah Tarek Mahdi

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(31) | Pages(688-691)

Community Structure of Benthic Algae in a Lotic Ecosystem, Karbala Province-Iraq

Hassan, F. M.|Salman, J. M.| Al-Nasrawi, S.

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(16) | Pages(692-706)

Comparison among Populations of Mosquitoes Culex quinquefasciatus Say by using Geometric Morphometric Technique from Different Regions of Iraq

Sahar abd |Emad Ahmed

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(5) | Pages(707-712)

Determination of the Level of some Adipokines in Hypo-and Hyperthyroids Patients in Baghdad City

Suha A. Al-Jowari

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(7) | Pages(713-716)

The Innovative Method for Vaccine Preparation Against Multidrug Resistant and Virulence Acinetobacter baumannii Iraqi Isolates

Hussam Sami Awayid|Rajwa Hasen Esaa|Eman N. Naji|Meroj A. Jasem

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(16) | Pages(717-726)

Inhibitory Effect of Bacteriophages Isolated from Sewage Water in the City of Kirkuk on some Types of Human Pathogenic Bacteria

Muhsin Hamad Edham |Firas MD Al-Tae |Alaa TY Al-Hammadi

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(36) | Pages(727-734)

A Study of Zooplankton Community in Dukan Lake, Kurdistan Region-Iraq, with a New Record of Craspedacusta sowerbii Lankester (1880) Medusa (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)

Sarah Fares Dhahir |Luay Abdul-Qader Ali

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(8) | Pages(735-741)

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Malva parviflora Extract and Effect on Ecto-5'- Nucleotidase(5'-NT), ADA and AMPDA Enzymes in Sera of Patients with Arthrosclerosis

Ahlam M. Farhan| Rasha A. Jassim| Nafeesa J. Kadhim| Wesen Adel Mehdi | Atheer Awad Mehde

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(44) | Pages(742-750)

The Effect of Anesthesia on Thyroid Hormones and Cortisol Levels Following Major Urological Surgery

Fayhaa M. Khaleel | Ihsan A. AL-Shammari|Noor N. Oda

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(9) | Pages(751-755)

New Synthesis of Cyclic Imide Compounds for Ampicillin Drug and Studying Their Biological Activity

Entesar O. Al- Tamimi| Enaam Fadil Mousa

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(25) | Pages(756-764)

Synthesis and Characterization of Some Metal Complexes of [4-Methoxy-N-(pyrimidine-2-ylcarbamothioyl)benzamide]

Basima M .Sarhan | Bushra M. Fyyadh

03/12/2017 | Total Downloads(6) | Pages(765-772)

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