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On Fully Stable Banach Algebra Modules and Fully Pesudo Stable Banach Algebra Modules

Samira Naji Kadhim

Received:20/10/2017 | Accepted:15/01/2018 | Puplished:04/03/2018
Total Downloads(29) | Pages(102-105)

An Approximate Solution of some Variational Problems Using Boubaker Polynomials

Eman Hassan Ouda

Received:17/07/2017 | Accepted:25/09/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
Total Downloads(35) | Pages(106-109)

CVOTING: An Anonymous Ballot E-Voting System

Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari

Received:22/03/2017 | Accepted:20/11/2017 | Puplished:04/03/2018
Total Downloads(49) | Pages(110-116)

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