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Effects of Non-Thermal Argon Plasma Produced at Atmospheric Pressure on the Optical Properties of CdO Thin Films

Hamid H.Murbat | Nisreen KH. Abdalameer| Alaa Kh.Brrd| Farah abdulameer

Received:10/01/2018 | Accepted:21/05/2018 | Puplished:04/06/2018
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Comparative NO2 Sensing Characteristics of SnO2:WO3 Thin Film Against Bulk and Investigation of Optical Properties of the Thin Film

Haidar jwad Abdul-Ameer | Muthafar F. AL-Hilli | Mohammed K. Khalaf

Received:30/01/2018 | Accepted:30/05/2018 | Puplished:04/06/2018
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Laser Densification of Prepared SiO2 Sol-Gel Thin Films

Noor M. Abdulmalek | Mohamed K. Dhahir

Received:23/01/2018 | Accepted:22/04/2018 | Puplished:04/06/2018
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