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CFIA-Turbidimetric and Photometric Determination of Vitamin B9 (Folic acid) Using LEDs as a Source of Irradiation and Two Solar Cells as an Energy Transducer

Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadi |Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadi

Received:29/3/2017 | Accepted:25/5/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Synthesis New Liquid Selective Electrodes of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride for Determination Ciprofloxacin in Pure form and Pharmaceuticals Preparation.

Amina M. Abass

Received:19/9/2017 | Accepted:4/10/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Effect of Diffusion Temperature on the some Electrical Properties of CdS:In Thin Films Prepared by Vacuum Evaporation

Hana’a F. al-Taay

Received:9/8/2017 | Accepted:10/10/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Construction and Operation of Solar Energy Dish for Water Heating

Mohamad Abdulkareem Ahmed | Salman H.Abbas

Received:1/9/2017 | Accepted:29/10/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Preparation and Characterization of Lead Oxide Nanoparticles by Laser Ablation as Antibacterial Agent

Halah H. Rashed | Fattin A. Fadhil| Iman H. Hadi

Received:10/7/2017 | Accepted:13/11/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Bayes and Non-Bayes Estimation Methods for the Parameter of Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

Iden H. Alkanani | Shayma G. Salman

Received:25/5/2016 | Accepted:24/4/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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On Fully Stable Banach Algebra Modules Relative to an Ideal

Samira Naji Kadhim | Muna Jasim Mohammed A

Received:8/6/2017 | Accepted:9/7/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
Total Downloads(8) | Pages(813-815)

Revaluation of Student Failure Reasons Using Non-Additive Methods

Eman Hassan Ouda

Received:15/6/2017 | Accepted:22/8/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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On the Connection between the Dynamical System and the Ellis Compactification with Transitive Pointed System

Lieth A. Majed

Received:14/5/2017 | Accepted:25/9/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
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Network Self-Fault Management Based on Multi-Intelligent Agents and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

Hasanen S. Abdullah| Maha Abdulkareem Alrawi | Dalal N. Hammod

Received:28/12/2016 | Accepted:12/6/2017 | Puplished:03/12/2017
Total Downloads(33) | Pages(823-831)

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